First USA tour - "NO BOUNDARIES TOUR 2016"

2016, February 02. Dear friends, the time has come to sail over the Atlantic ocean and for the first time play in front of the growing USA Cold Snap community. Tour dates will be anounced soon and for now we can only tell you that it will happen' this September. Stay tuned and 'till then listen to our latest video - "MONSTER"


MONSTER video is out

2015, October 08. Monster - HERE IS OUR NEW VIDEO - TV STATIONS REFUSE TO PLAY IT!!! They say: "the video is amazing, the song is crazy but the subject is not right, it is deliberately uncomfortable to watch." PLEASE DON`T IGNORE THIS VIDEO, SPEAK OUT AND SHARE IT!!! "MONSTER - click here to watch"


COLD SNAP sign with Eclipse Records + Rise Again video is out

2014, November 21. After recent turbulent events we are very pleased to announce you a new recod deal! Eclipse Records is a new home for Cold Snap and they already published our new video "Rise Again". “After 12 years, we can finally say that Cold Snap arrived in the right hands”, says lead vocalist Jan Kerekes about signing with Eclipse Records. “through Eclipse Records we believe that our music will find its listeners and turn them into fans.” COLD SNAP will release World War 3 through Eclipse Records on January 13th, 2015.


Cold Snap is now four-member band

2014, October 4. Dear friends and fans... We want to inform you that our guitar player Vlado Soldatek and Cold Snap are parting ways, and we will be working on as a quartet!!! We hope you will all come to understand this, as his private plans and decisions will make him focus on other stuff instead of the band in the future. We want to emphasise the fact that this is a friendly split and there is no bad blood involved in this departure. The most important thing is that love for music and for you guys will always make us keep going on and making new material! We know this rises a lot of questions, but don`t worry, we will do our best to respond to these questions in the near future on every concert on the stage!!! We count on your continued support in the next phases of the future Cold Snap, and we`ve got a lot of suprises for you!! See you soon and stay metal!!!


Cold Snap on Streetcult Vol.22 compilation

2014, January 14. Cold Snap is featured on a new Streetcult compilation vol.22! Compilation will be printed in 10000 copies and spread all over concert venues in USA and the rest of the world! Read more about this compilation (which features acts like Lordi, Octanic, Red Fang and many more) on Streettcult Marketing website here. Fuck Yeah!!!


WW3 in full strenght

2013, August 13. After great shows at Metal days - Tolmin and Scream Fest - Ljubuski, promotion of our new album continues. Last show in Pula was covered with many new songs and crowd was crazy!!! Thank you all for your support! See you on August 16th at RockLive festival in Koprivnica and day after that on Vlajternativa festival in Benkovac (Croatia).



2013, May 21. We did new promo photos, and also photos with our partners: Monster Energy and Warehouse - soon we will put them here, but you can already see them on our Facebook page. We got first 3 songs mixed from Tue Madsen, and we like it very much, we can`t wait for more to come... Also check out some new shows!!!



2013, May 05. So folks.. In only ten days ten new songs have been recorded with help of our fabulous producer Tue Madsen. At the beginning of July all this will see the light of the day formed as a new allbum called "World War 3", so be prepared! With the album release, we will try to play as many shows as possible so click on the Shows section to see where can you catch us.



2013, January 09. For the start, happy new year to all our fans, supporters and metalheads! Last two months we've been busy with writing new material and most of the songs are complete! You can see sample video for new killer track "Straight to Hell" performed live at Wacken festival on Youtube. Recording will take part at the beginning of April and till then stay metal \m/



2012, August 10. So far we played on many metal festivals, but none of them are even near Wacken Open Air when it comes to festival size, visitors count and overall vibe. This was something new and in every way special to us. So many great bands, friendly people and big mud bath in front of the main stages after two rainy days! We were blessed to be there and play under the biggest tent we have ever seen, sharing the W.E.T. stage with bands we respect so much. Thank you Wacken on the best weekend ever, we shall meet again soon!



2012, May 15. And this glory day is finnaly here! Cold Snap won the regional Metal Battle competition and will be performing on one and only Wacken Open Air festival!!! First weekend of August is reserved for the most important show for us so far and we want you to be in front of the stage when this moment comes.


we have to emigrate tour 2012

2012, February 24. After winning a croatian finals of the Wacken Metal Battle, we must announce a short upcoming tour: WE HAVE TO EMIGRATE TOUR 2012 (from March 30 till April 15). First confirmed dates can be found in the Shows section!



2012, February 10. We are proud to present you our latest work, "Genocide" video - third from the actual "Perfection" album. Hope you will like it, find it down under in videos section and share your thoughts on our Facebook or Myspace page. This year we'll be on the road more than usual so check the Shows page more often. Already we have confirmed shows all over Croatia and Italy and more dates will follow soon!



One year after first single taken from "Perfection" album we filmed another killer - "SNAP"! Scroll down to videos section or go to Cold Snap youtube channel and enjoy.



Next month we will share stage with Pro-Pain and Tenside on our first tour! Check the dates in Shows section.


Our latest, but certainly not the happiest news is that Cold Snap had to replace guitarist - Nino Friščić. Serious health condition took its toll, and began intense to affect Nino, which were strongly felt in the creative energy, atmosphere and relationships in the band. Whole band agreed that Vlado Soldatek have the ability to import something new in the Cold Snap world and only time will tell if this move was the right one.



We wish you all the best in the upcoming year! Last month we put out our second album "Perfection" via MIG Music. US release date is January 25. See you on the road soon!


Bongo Bong single - digital release

Most of you already saw a video for our latest single (thank you for over a 10k views on Youtube) and now you can get your favorite Bongo Bong cover via web stores such as Amazon, IBS, Musicload...


Bongo Bong @ Youtube


International record deal - MIG Music

At last, we are very satisfied to announce that Cold Snap signed an international record deal with MIG (Made in Germany) Music which includes release and distribution of our new album "Perfection" WORLDWIDE!! Release date: 29. October '10. In addition to album release, first single and video "Bongo Bong" will also be out!


MIG Music is a new record label founded by Manfred Schütz (founder of SPV Records). Their team consists of experienced people who are in the music business for many years and we hope that this move will bring about a long and successful cooperation.