AOL music

"The Croatian nu-metal act's second album proves why they're one of today's best in the genre."


AOL Music, new release comment on "Perfection"

"Perfection" is a step forward in the musical tradition that guys cherish through its existence. Cold Snap have recorded an album full of hits, so that with excellent production only better come to the fore their famous groovy riffs of which blood boils in the body or stunning choruses that will be first to draw your attention."


Ivan "Stark" Bujević - (HR) - Cold Snap - "Perfection" - 9/10

"Perfect brutal story and aggressive musical attack, with its own chronology and symbolism. Groove, growl, scream, be furious when it rains, and in the droughts, when it is summer, and most of all, when it is - winter! Heaters, You'll warm up for sure!"


Milan B. Popović - (SRB) - Cold Snap - Perfection